Empowering the REMChain ecosystem

REM utility token powers all operations within the REMChain public network and serves as a digital key for gaining access to dApps on top of it.


Join the network and safeguard REMChain.
Stake a minimum 250K REM tokens to become a Guardian and earn rewards.


Use REM across all native and 3-ed party dApps on top of REMChain. Enable unique features, create accounts, pair devices. The use cases are unlimited.


Create your unique dApps using REMChain economy as a leverage.

Get your Guardian stake


* You should stake at least 250K REM tokens to become a guardian. We recommend to stake a little bit more to cover commission expenses.

Interchain token swap

Continual cross-blockchain token swap between ERC20 and REMChain with a 1:1 exchange rate.


Used to simplify the cooperation with crypto ecosystem outside the REMChain network.
Store it in your regular ERC20-compatible wallet.

REMChain native

Powers all operations inside the REMChain network. Swap ERC20 token whenever you want to use on-chain services and dApps. Store it in Scatter.

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Public blockchain, fueled by REM token. It provides redundant storage for the public keys organized under individual accounts.

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