Next-gen Public Key Infrastructure

Protocol is an open-source solution that secures online communication among browsers, apps, and servers. It is the foundational layer to create decentralized IDs and manage their digital keys.

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Economically backed security

Built-in economy incentivises trusted network members and penalizes unreliable accounts


Agile, fast, fit for modern identity type, be it self-sovereign human identity, or machine identity.

Flexible & scalable

Designed to be used extensively, easily configurable to specific use cases.

DoS resistant

Decentralized and distrubuted nature of the network ensures stability with no single point of failure.

Censorship resistant

No single entity can prevent transactions from being included to blockchain.

Stake, vote, earn rewards

Meet REMChain, the first public blockchain, built on top of Protocol

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What can you build on Protocol?

Use cases spanning multiple verticals, segments and industries

Technology features

Delegated Proof of Stake consensus

The only known consensus algorithm capable of meeting the performance requirements of next-gen PKI applications.

Smart contracts

Enabled digital verification and enforcement of rules, which allows for transactions to be executed without the need for third parties.

Resource management

Simplified blockchain resource management enables user-friendly and intuitive UX for apps that run on top.

Account Attributes

Support of attribute-based credentials that are cryptographically secured carriers of properties that correspond to a particular user.

External state verification

Performed by Block Producers, it minimizes individual subjectivity and records a consolidated on-chain resolution about events that exist and occur outside the blockchain.

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