Building a Network of

Our open source protocol utilizes blockchain technology to replace traditional centralized instances of Public Key Infrastructure with a blockchain-based Network of Trust.



Masternodes provide consistency and fault tolerance. They enable the registration of certificates on the blockchain and handle the revocation process through validation batches of transactions by combining them into blocks and maintaining consensus within the network.

Proof-of-Service consensus algorithm

Allowing nodes to validate the information to be appended to the blockchain, ensures that the nodes agree on the unique order in which entries are appended.

EOSIO codebase

EOSIO is a free, open-source blockchain software protocol, built for public or private networks customizable to suit the business needs.

Atomic swap

Cross-blockchain token migration between ERC20 REM token and REMChain with a 1:1 exchange rate.

Pricing oracle

Required to keep prices for using Remme dApps bonded to a fiat currency for customers, and to calculate the transaction fee.

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REM Token


Become a REMChain safe-guarder! Run a masternode and earn 90% reward whenever a user generates a certificate.


Don't be hacked! Deposit REM and enjoy all the benefits of Remme Access Management applications.


Create your unique REM-powered applications on top of the open source Public Key Infrastructure (d) protocol.

Built for Developers,
by Developers

Built for Developers,
by Developers

Built for Developers
by Developers

Submit transactions and integrate storage, validation and revocation of public keys or certificates to your test app through the RPC API, or JS, .NET and Java integration libraries.