SSL/TLS discovery tool for the retail chain

The retail chain was searching for an advanced SSL Discovery tool to constantly monitor their complex PKI with numerous subdomains.

The retailer’s need

The retailer at the center of this case study owns several clothing and accessory brands, running both online and offline stores distributed over multiple countries. Their existing system for managing SSL certs was fragmented and inefficient, and they were looking to remedy that.

Due to the global nature of their operation, the client needed to keep track of all associated subdomains, which amounted to over 300, and all SSL certificates in use. They were seeking an automated solution that allowed deep scanning of their public domains and subdomains, certificate transparency log monitoring, and global team collaboration

Keyhub SSL Discovery tool

The client purchased a yearly business subscription for Keyhub to put SSL/TLS certificate management on autopilot.

Over 300 subdomains scanned
Keyhub scanned the client’s public available endpoints to discover 323 known and 3 unknown subdomains which contained expired SSL certificates and web applications that were no longer supported. Timely discovery of this helped prevent any potential data breaches.

4 invalid certificates found
Keyhub identified SSL certificates with a weak hash algorithm and weak key and recommended replacing them. The process went smoothly, using Keyhub’s CSR generator. It automatically prefills the form based on the certificate information from inventory.

Automated CT log monitoring
The client automated the monitoring of all domains and subdomains in certificate transparency logs. If a certificate with a required domain or subdomain name is detected, it is added to the inventory. An email alert is sent to the client in a matter of minutes.

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