SSL/TLS management tool for governmental portals

The governmental department needed an automated tool for the management of their complex Public Key Infrastructure.

The client's need

The government information portal offers access to exhaustive information about specific country regions. The portal provides easy online access to data from different governmental bodies, regional local governments and the non-government sector. It uses both metadata and free text indexing to ensure that information can be accessed using a variety of approaches.

Primarily, the team was looking for an automated solution that could perform a deep scan of their numerous public domains and subdomains and find all existing SSL certificates for further tracking.

The solution

The client purchased a yearly business subscription for Keyhub to put SSL/TLS certificate management on autopilot.

Detected every single certificate
Keyhub scanned internal and external environments, including public available endpoints and subdomains and discovered thousands of SSL certificates in use. Keyhub aggregated all certificates into one place, the SSL certificate inventory, to further organize and analyze them according to the client’s needs.

Analyzed network health
Keyhub’s easy-to-use dashboard provided a comprehensive overview of all detected certificates, allowing to quickly evaluate potential problems and set priorities. Also, the vulnerability widget highlighted the certificate compliance landscape and common errors to track.

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