Know about every weak or expired certificate in your network

Get insights to find security threats before they happen.

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Analytics automates your workflow

Make data-driven decisions

Evaluate the entire landscape with seven interactive charts and see the full picture, all on one dashboard.

Track expiration dates

Monitor upcoming expiries through a dynamic widget and get notifications when a certificate is about to expire.

Prioritize tasks

Get system health reports and instant alerts about critical system events to define certificates that need extra attention.

Analytics features

System health overview

See the most important stats for certificates in your inventory:

Total certificate count

Weekly renewal status

Certificates with weak keys

SHA-1 certificates

Dynamic expiration widget

Identify expired and about-to-expire certificates to learn further steps.

Last scan results

View scan date, status and new certificates detected during the last run.

Automated email reports

Create, view and schedule reports about overall system health or on a specific group of certificates.

Data aggregation

Interactive pie charts visually present certificate data grouped by:

Signature hash algorithm

Certificate issuance policy type

Hosts count

Key strength

Certificate Authority

Threat alerting

Get instant alerts about potential security threats the moment they’re detected.

Expiry notifications

Receive notifications on certificates that need to be renewed in 3, 7 or 14 days.

Team collaboration

Determine the frequency of reports to be sent to your team’s emails.

Start in 3 steps

Analyze certificate data presented in dashboard widgets and charts.

Schedule recurring reports to stay in the loop with system status.

Set up notifications and alerts to track certs that may cause an outage.

Start analysing
14-day free trial. No credit card required
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People ask

What kind of data is collected for the dashboard?

Dashboard charts show the aggregated data on all certificates in Inventory, flagging the most crucial points. Within seconds you can understand the overall network health and drill down to details.

When does the data in the dashboard charts get renewed?

The data you see on the dashboard is real-time data that is updated regularly after an auto scan is done.

Can I share the access to dashboard and reports with my team?

Yes, you can add as many recipients as you want to receive regular email reports that are relevant to them. The great thing is that you can create groups and share reporting for these specific groups and not the whole network data.

What types of PKI health reports does Keyhub generate?

You can schedule two types of reports. Either an overall system health report with aggregated data from a dashboard, or a report on a specific group of digital certificates that you want to track more closely.

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