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Discovery automates your workflow

Scan network ports

Monitor public domains and internal endpoints.

Subdomain lookup

Automatically find and scan all subdomains.

Schedule monitoring

Set up monthly, weekly, or daily network scans.

Give it a try in real time!

Type domain name below to scan Port 443. Find results for up to 200 subdomains.
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Discovery features

External network monitoring

Scan public available endpoints by a single domain, domain list, or IP range.

Certificate Transparency Logs monitoring

If a certificate with a required domain or subdomain name is detected, it is added to the inventory. Email alert is sent within a minute.

Internal network monitoring

Internal network discovery is used on any local server that can be accessed over a local network through internal IP range.

Install and run a Windows or Linux agent in just two clicks to scan internal environment.

Flexible scan settings

Create as many scan profiles as you need with up to 10,000 targets in one profile.

Dynamic discovery status

Follow the ongoing scan progress directly from the dashboard or on the scan profile page.

Start Discovery in 3 steps

Select a scan profile type: external or internal.

Set up profile targets and ports.

Schedule regular auto-scans.

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14-day free trial. No credit card required
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People ask

Why do I need a Discovery?

Automated certificate discovery removes human mistakes and simply saves you time over manual certificate management tools. Automatic discovery makes regular network scans to locate new SSL certificates and add them to Inventory.

Which Discovery type should I choose?

Create an external or internal Discovery depending on the type of environment you want to scan. External Discovery will inspect all publicly available domains and subdomains. Internal Discovery will monitor all internal endpoints.

Does Keyhub find SSL certificates issued by any Certificate Authority?

Yes, Keyhub finds every single digital certificate that is used in your network. They can be issued either by external Certificate Authorities like Let's Encrypt, GlobalSign, DigiCert or by your own internal authority.

Where can I find information about discovered certificates?

You can view the list of all detected SSL certificates in Inventory. It is also updated after each auto scan. If a new certificate is discovered it is added to the list.

How long does it take to discover certificates in my network?

Usually, it takes about one minute to scan 1,000 targets but this may vary slightly depending on the complexity of your network.

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