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Everything your team needs to discover, monitor and manage digital certificates in hybrid environments.

: create network scan

Create a scan profile.
Indicate how and when you want your network to be scanned. Run scan to detect all certificates.

Keyhub: certificate analysis

Analyze scan results in the Dashboard.
Explore the information on the overall system health.

Keyhub: certificates list, chain, SAN, key and signature

View a detailed card on each certificate.
See chain details, source, name, SANs, key and signature info and other details.

Keyhub: set up automated certificate report

Set up automated reports via email, so that you don’t have to log in and check expiration dates and other details manually.

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Remme partners with leading Certificate Authority

With 5 million Digital IDs issued to websites and machines, GlobalSign provides trusted identity and security solutions to enterprises. The company leverages Keyhub as a standalone whitelabel certificate discovery, inventory and management platform for its customers.

Flexible filters

Narrow down your query to get the most relevant certificate list.

Quick groups

Combine certificates into groups and access them in one click, right from the Dashboard.

Advanced reporting

Schedule scan runs and receive reports via email or messenger.

And it's just the beginning

And it's just
the beginning

We continuously improve Keyhub based on your needs and feedback. So expect regular updates to check it out.

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All features


Unlimited scan profiles

Create, update, delete scan profiles.

External scans, subdomains included

Detect known and unknown external certificates on public available endpoints and subdomains.

Internal scans

Run internal agent to detect known and unknown certificates in internal environment.

Scan schedule

Manage the frequency of runs for each scan profile depending on your needs.

CT Logs monitoring & alerting

Detect potential certificate mis-issuance with a real-time Certificate Transparency logs monitoring.

Scan runs with a button click

Run a single or all configured scan profiles with the click of a button.


Set up a scan with a two-step onboarding process.


System health overview

View total certificate count, weekly renewal status, weak keys.

Expiration widget

View expired certificates and about to expire to be aware of further steps.

Last scan results

View scan date, status and new certificates detected during the last run.

Data aggregation

Certificates charts aggregated by signature algorithm, hosts count, key strength, issuer.

Vulnerability  widget

next release

Track certificate compliance with the imposed policy and detect common errors.



Set conditions that best suit your need to filter certificates by public key, expiration date, signature algorithm, common name, issuer name, hosts count.


Save filtered certificates as Groups for further access in one click.

Certificate holistic view

See certificate’s source, name, expiration date, key and signature info and other details.

Management tools

Remove certificates from the system and upload them manually.

Chain details

See Chain of Trust and Where Installed details.


next release

Keep the information most important to you front and center by sorting the certificates in your inventory.

Contextual search

coming soon

Start typing a keyword and get a list of relevant certificates, scan profiles, or other records.


System health reports

Create, view and schedule reports

Notification schedule

Set up the frequency of reports to be sent to your email.


Get instant alerts about detected potential threats timely.

Integration with messengers

next release

Receive reports directly from Slack or Skype bots.


Certificate decoder

Simple way to decode your .pem, .p12 certificate and verify the information it contains.

CSR generator

Quickly generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your client machine.

CSR decoder

Verify that CSR contains the correct information.

Self-Signed certificate generator

coming soon

Easily create Self-Signed certificates for internal or personal use.

Platform settings

Policy setup

coming soon

Configure trusted CAs, compliant key size and signature hashing algorithms.

API integration

coming soon

Connect with your existing tools to pull and update inventory.

Setup in seconds.
Insights in minutes.

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