You worked so hard on building your business.

It’s time to protect it.

We never really think about how many sensitive, valuable things in our life are guarded by password-protected accounts. From items as simple as our emails, to the highly personal such as medical records and bank accounts.

Yet the truth is, passwords just don’t cut it anymore. Password managers and unencrypted websites can be hacked, password confirmation tools are available everywhere and allow to find reused passwords for any website.

Stealing data from a user has become easier than ever.
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Powered by Blockchain

A hack attack on a centralized database makes all data stored there vulnerable and easily stolen. This doesn’t happen with a distributed database, which makes it the safest way to store sensitive information.
"REMME grants unprecedented security using advantages of blockchain technology in the most effective way."
Michail Valerko, CEO Datainfo

No certificate center

There is no need for a certificate center – you control your fate. With the blockchain replacing the сertification authority, your company saves money and becomes more independent.

Blockchains and Sidechains

The REMME system can be used with a number of different blockchains and sidechains.
You can choose the most convenient combination for your company.

Control your identity

Your private key is, and remains, your secret that never leaves your computer. Instead, the REMME certificate signed by your private key can function as your public key for any website or service.

ease of use

Smooth User Experience

Your users can forget about filling out forms, or long sophisticated passwords. From now on, authentication with just one click is as easy, as it is secure.

Instant registration

User personal information will be put on blockchain instantly.
With REMME, there is no need to wait for the next block, or pay extra fees, to accelerate the process.

2FA Based on the app a user already has

Trusting an old friend is always easier. REMME uses bots developed for the most popular messenger apps. Instead of traditional text messages and OTP codes, your users get an authentication token sent via the messenger app of their choice.

Multiple accounts

One user can register with an unlimited number of accounts, that is have numerous SSL-certificates. Anytime during login, they can choose which account to use.


Get it up and running before your tea gets cold!

The basic set of the REMME technology is easy and quick to integrate, and doesn’t require special skills or training. The user registration form template can be easily customized through admin dashboard.
Iot ready

Let your fridge buy food like a pro 

REMME authorizes devices and apps, not operators. Which is why it can be used for authorization in transactions between humans as well as between IoT devices at the same top security level.
REMME allows us to build sophisticated systems for car-to-car mesh networks, owner identification, rights management while providing outstanding security against the remote control of the vehicle.
Jan Keil, Infopulse VP of Marketing

Feel the power of a Jedi!

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