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Another 2 weeks of significant progress from the team at @remme_io! Really looking forward to an internet with #nomorepasswords

June 1, 2018

$REM @remme_io A real use case token, thats focused on the tech (almost finished product)  and making sure that the token gets real utility soon

May 29, 2018

$rem @remme_io Remme is a game changer. How many crypto projects can impact literally every industry. $rem is the McAfee of passwordless security.

May 24, 2018

@remme_io  , I 😍$REM my birthday is in October hopefully  3rd quarter #remme moon will buy me a nice gift.

May 10, 2018
Fight for Truth

As long as there are passwords there will be no security. We need to realize this and move in another direction. @remme_io is first blockchain to be solving problem.

May 4, 2018
⚡️Yocto 🐳Whale ⚡️

$REM @remme_io - Paswordless Future using SSL/TLS certificates. Already alpha and many partnerships, pilot program, Q3 masternodes

April 21, 2018
Ike Sav

I really like @remme_io - putting in work  a necessary solution that will gain traction I believe #crypto #security #cybersecurity #cryptocurrency

April 26, 2018

With so many hacks and shit happening @PolySwarm@remme_io going to be huge if they can manage to alleviate and prevent some of these issues, they are also some of the first movers in this space.

April 27, 2018
ICT junky

Since the invention of the Internet, passwords have always been a problem. BUT we finally have a solution!! ->@remme_io / $rem

April 28, 2018

REMME + Changelly is impressive. Security is very important, that's why I really believe in this project. No more passwords needed.

May 3, 2018

From the Blog


REMME Q2 results

During the course of this summary, we’ll detail the work we’ve put in over the last three months including the progress that’s been made on private sidechains, open source integration libraries, atomic swaps and the new product in our product line, REMME Managed PKI.


How do we plan to Prove and Improve REMME Access Management solutions with Pilots

Read about an important element in ensuring that REMME gains mass adoption: pilot programs process.


Meet the latest additions to the REMME team

Meet the latest additions to the team! We welcome Kirill, Artem, and Andrii in our family  — and this is only the beginning. More team members will be introduced soon


AMA session with our CEO Alex Momot (Part 2)

Recently we have shared the first part of the AMA session answers. As there was a time limit for the online session, not all the questions appeared on air. We couldn’t leave them as they are and prepared answers for the rest of the questions.

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