Simple account security for everyone

Digital identity and personal data protection app for those who believe "Login with Facebook" is no longer an option.

Auth app: passwordless authentication and self sovereign identity

Turn your phone into a digital passport

Unlimited profiles

Create a unique Auth ID, fill in your first login profile with data like name and email and you're ready to go. Add as many profiles as you need to fit the websites and apps you use most.
Auth app: digital ID profiles

Sign up, log in, log out.
We've got you covered.

Log in without password. Log out without returning to each and every website or app. All in a click of a button from your Auth app.

Auth app: remote logout and app access control

Keep in control of what's going on

Monitor recent actions

Stop active

Revoke app

Request data removal

Never lose access to your identity

Had your device lost or stolen? No worries, with Auth it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your identity. Keep it safe with trusted recovery options.

Trusted apps

Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other service you trust.

Friends & family

If your closest use Auth, you can choose them as your "emergency" contacts.

Seed phrase

Still love paper options? Generate and write down a unique recovery phase.

Hardware token

Use Yubikey or similar security key? Use it to restore your Auth account.

Ready for the future?

Take care of your digital self! Become an early adopter of Auth app.
Auth app: passwordless authentication and decentralized identity

I want to integrate passwordless authentication on my website/app

My company needs a custom identity management solution