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“Digital Key” project for vehicle owners of F500 auto manufacturer

The goal was to create a ‘google-suite’- like experience for its vehicle owners for them to seamlessly log on with a single, password-free, self-sovereign identity across their own web and mobile applications, and those offered by their partners as well.

Use cases

Auth is universal

Customer Identity

Let customers love your app at first sight

Passwordless signup and login with pre-built self-sovereign identity, securely stored and managed on customer mobile device.

Workforce Identity

Simplify employee access, everywhere

Organize access to apps and office facilities with verified business profiles. No passwords, no cards.

Federated Identity

Hassle-free identity for ecosystems and distributed organizations

An easy way to log in and grant access to identity profiles managed by multiple partners.

Blockchain Identity

Connect users to your dApp faster

One-tap signup and login for dApps via a simple interface, fast and secure.

"This strategic partnership is a material step forward to deliver the true potential and benefits of blockchain in identity management."

Simon Wood
CEO at Ubisecure


Auth is a new way forward


Ready to implement today to meet the growing tomorrow needs.


Integrate smoothly with third party IAM systems like Auth0 and Ubisecure.

Flexible integration

Determine the degree of autonomy. Host the whole app stack by yourself or get it hosted by Remme in no time.

Hardware-based security

Identity keys are kept on a Trusted Platform Module, isolated from the operating system and app.

Meets standards

Integrate with existing services fast thanks to standard protocols like OAuth and OpenID Connect.


Use our straightforward SDKs to start building new apps right away.

Self-sovereign identity

Auth leverages our next-gen PKI Protocol software, a foundational layer to create and manage decentralized IDs and their digital keys.

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