Decentralized ID for extensive car services access

A large German auto manufacturer needed a Google Suite-like experience for its vehicle owners to seamlessly log on with a single, password-free, distributed identity across multiple applications.




Engagement model:

Fortune 500 auto manufacturer
2 months
Blockchain, NodeJs, React, React Native
Dedicated development team with an option to transfer ownership

Put customers in control of their identity data

The goal of a decentralized IAM system is to have certain elements of the identity ownership, verification and authentication process handled by the users themselves. In the context of enterprise, however, working with an existing identity repository – one that’s already connected with an enterprise user directory – makes more sense.

In this design, the registration workflow will typically not only help create an identity within the enterprise’s choice of IAM system, but will also create one within a distributed ledger during the same process.

Single digital key for vehicle owners

Together with Ubisecure, a European Customer Identity & Access Management software provider, we've built ‘Digital Key’ solution, that enables car sharing, electrical vehicle charging, parking and in-car services for customers.

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