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Personal use

Log in and sign up securely across the web

Passwordless access.

We go beyond regular passwordless authentication.
Auth allows you to build ecosystems where physical and digital experience blend together. Shop online and in store, log in to websites, unlock a car – all with a click of a button.

One identity.
Multiple profiles

Why share the same data with a dating service and financial app? Auth allows you to create multiple profiles to fit the websites and apps people are signing in to.

Enhanced protection.
Simply delivered.

No need for a tech degree to protect your digital identity. Select flexible recovery options with biometric hardware-based security. Simply packaged to enhance protection.

Enterprise-ready identity solutions to secure access for employees, customers and partners.

Why Auth matters

Identity today is way
too vulnerable

Every single day our digital identities are used to chat, order snacks, and buy stuff. It requires dozens of logins, new accounts, strong passwords, and personal info sharing. At best, it’s profoundly inconvenient. At worst, it’s dangerous for our digital self.

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