Introducing REMChain

REMME’s original public blockchain for storing a certificate's hash, state (valid or revoked), public key and expiration date.


Masternodes provide consistency and fault tolerance within REMChain. They enable the registration of certificates on the blockchain and handle the revocation process through validation batches of transactions by combining them into blocks and maintaining consensus within the network.

Proof-of-Service consensus algorithm

Allowing nodes to validate the information to be appended to the blockchain, ensures that the nodes agree on the unique order in which entries are appended.

Hyperledger Sawtooth Framework

This enterprise-grade blockchain is highly-regarded for its modular design, with its core separate from the application domain. Thanks to its open source design, coupled with its modularity, Hyperledger Sawtooth enables us to build out the REMME PKI (d) protocol.

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Testnet 1.0 is live

Join our Tech community to get test tokens and interact with REMChain. Here's how you can connect to the network and test REMME distributed Public Key Infrastructure Protocol:

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