We at Remme want everyone to feel safe

With over 150 industry partners and clients we’re always thinking of ways to protect data, users, and businesses. We make products to tackle the ever-increasing issues related to security, authentication and digital certificates management.

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Our mission is to upgrade and deliver a new security standard and apps to address the challenges of the Web 3.0.

REmme's proposal

Convenience without compromising security

We believe that blockchain technology will help to build a safer tomorrow for all of us. We offer bulletproof user authentication that protects against cyber attacks.
In addition, REMME eliminates passwords. Simple passwords make every account, on every website, vulnerable. No matter how much money you spend on security for your company, all these efforts are in vain, if customers use passwords that are easy to crack or steal. Not to mention the harm that password confirmation tools available online can do. While a lost Facebook account can be seen as a minor loss, the same technology can be used to break into government systems and those of global corporations, causing economic, political, and ecological losses.
We want to help you protect what you have built!

Our core team

Work together for success

Alex Momot

Founder & CEO

Kate Pospelova

CMO & Co-founder

Roman Cherednyk


Sid Desai

Head of Business Development

Iryna Slobodianiuk


Anatolii Padenko

Keyhub Team Lead

Sergey Yelagin

Auth Team Lead

Oleksii Baranovskyi, PhD

Chief Cybersecurity Scientist

Sergii Androsiuk

Community Support

Yevhenii Turanov


Nick Bilogorskiy

Security Advisor

Prof. Roman Oliynykov

Cryptography Advisor

Stepan Gershuni

Technical Advisor

Want to join our team? We're constantly looking for talents! Send your CV to hr@remme.io.

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For media requests and events please email pr@remme.io.

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