We at REMME want everyone to feel safe

The Internet has made it possible to transmit information quickly and affordably. More than two hundred million people acquire Internet access every year. According to the IHS, the number of IoT-devices will reach 20 billion by the end of this year.
We proudly bring you the security that will keep you safe and sound in this new digitized world.
our vision

Why we've created REMME

REMME is here to make sure the bad guys can’t hack the autopilot of a self-driving car to cause it to crash into a crowded street; prevent villains from launching a biological attack using just one laptop, and to stop anarchist hackers from compromising presidential election results.
REmme's proposal

Convenience without compromising security

We believe that blockchain technology will help to build a safer tomorrow for all of us. We offer bulletproof user authentication that protects against cyber attacks.
In addition, REMME eliminates passwords. Simple passwords make every account, on every website, vulnerable. No matter how much money you spend on security for your company, all these efforts are in vain, if customers use passwords that are easy to crack or steal. Not to mention the harm that password confirmation tools available online can do. While a lost Facebook account can be seen as a minor loss, the same technology can be used to break into government systems and those of global corporations, causing economic, political, and ecological losses.
We want to help you protect what you have built!
our team

Work together for success

Alex Momot

CEO & Founder

Roman Kravchenko


Jan Keil

Business Development Adviser

Kate Pospelova

CMO & Co-founder

Eugene Babichenko

DApp Engineer

Anatolii Padenko

Smart Contract Engineer

Taras Emelyanenko

System Architect

Zoya Danilina

Social Media Specialist

Nick Bilogorskiy

Security Adviser

Co-founder of Cyphort, a next-generation anti-malware startup, where he currently leads the security research. Previously, Nick worked at Facebook as the chief malware expert and as security spokesperson for the company, keeping 1 billion active users safe and secure. At REMME, he will consult on potential threats, product reviews, and marketing strategy.

Mykola Ilin

Security Adviser

Cryptography and security specialist, CTO at Molfar and researcher at one of the largest universities in Europe NTUU KPI. He is also leading the award-winning “white hat” hacker team DCUA.

Matjaž Slak

Enterprise B2B Sales Adviser,
cofound.it Lead Mentor

Matjaž has 15+ years of B2B Sales experience. He got his selling skills at IBM, then switched to leading SMB sales teams selling to Enterprise customers. Afterwards, he founded a Sales consulting company and turned sales management mentor and coach. For the last few years, he’s been working with new and growing companies, guiding them from initial traction to scalable and predictable sales.

Daniel Zakrisson

Investments Adviser

Daniel is an entrepreneur and technologist and over the last 10 years he held positions bridging advanced software development and business development in startups and growing companies, positioned as CTO and CEO. Daniel is known in the Ethereum community as a proponent of a structured and sane approach to token crowdsale evaluations, and is frequently advising crowdsale teams.

Andrey Zamovskiy

Adviser, Ethereum Guru

Working in cryptocurrency development since early 2010, Andrey started Ambisafe as well as founded or took leading positions in numerous pioneer projects, such as BitMerch (first bitcoin merchant service), HolyTransaction, Tether and several cryptocurrency exchanges.

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