Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol and PKI-enabled apps for the modern web

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Our mission is to upgrade and deliver a new security standard and apps to address the challenges of the Web 3.0.

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An open source PKI (d) protocol that uses blockchain technology to replace conventional Public Key Infrastructure solutions with a decentralized Network of Trust.

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Hot Tech Innovators: Blockchain Based Cybersecurity

This Hot Tech Innovators report covers 15 innovative startups in the blockchain space that offer a cybersecurity-focused solution, for both consumers and enterprise.


No more passwords, no more break-ins. Auth offers blockchain-based Identity and Access management solutions for businesses and personal use.

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New Tech: Blockchain Identity (BCI) Management, Q4 2018

Remme has been identified by Forrester, one of the world's most influential research and advisory firms, in its January Landscape Overview Of 22 Providers. This research is available for Forrester clients.


The one-stop platform for managing company’s  TLS/SSL certificates. Ideally suited for tracking certificate expiration dates, potential vulnerabilities and policy violations.

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